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Turkeys are constantly looking for reasons to die

I think it is stunning to see the amount of money invested in growing broilers without proper training of the people doing the day in day out work in the chicken houses. It’s like handing the keys of a Ferrari to your seven years old son, that just warmed up playing Grand Theft Auto, no? Although there is a lot of books available to train broiler farmers on their management skills, we all know how hard it is to motivate adult that have a day in day out job to go and study bent over a book. On top of that it is well known that visualising information helps us, humans, to absorb knowledge and skills. Specially for farming, picking up signal coming from the animals, think about what they mean is not enough. But we need to stimulate the farmer immediately to take action as that broiler is again like a Ferrari: if we make a small steering mistake it is very likely we end up in the gravel trap, no?

Still modern technology allows us to develop even more convenient playful and a fun-way to learn and practice the knowledge that is available in books. E-learning has become one of the most important innovations in human history that allows good uniform education accessible from anywhere in the world.

That‘s why we developed a tool based on probably the most popular broiler management book, Broiler Signals. There’s a basic course that brings the essentials in just half a day run though time, and there’s an extended version that goes a lot deeper and is intended for farmers, technical- and production managers, veterinarians, …professionals that have a final responsibility of a broiler operation and thus manage a farm or co-workers running the broiler houses.

Maarten de Gussem

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